Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made it

I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made it.  I think I have a problem!  Seriously, folks.  There's an entire, page-long list of Made its in my composition notebook thanks to all you smart cookies! Because I want to place a "strike-out" line through every one before school starts, I went a little crazy--I'd dare even say neurotic and made six classroom items in an afternoon. The trick to accomplishing this was....

There they are. The keys to six "made its"! Diet Coke and one, maybe two, okay, three chocolate chip cookies {another problem I have}.

Here are the final products.

1. I made this welcome banner using that tutorial I wrote about in this post.

2. I had three old frames from my girls' playroom. (The color scheme wasn't working anymore.) I made this to do post it station, a birthday board, and a no name board. I got the birthday IDEA from Erica Bohrer's First Grade. I was inspired by the one jillion "no name" Pinterest pins out there.

3. I made compliment jars for each of my four tables and one large jar for the entire class. I decided to use warm fuzzies to fill the buckets.

4. Finally, I began my birthday gifts for my students. I used this pin to inspire but changed it to a homework pass on a piece of cake because I found awesome clipart for teachers from My Cute Graphics. I'm going to attach it to crazy straws because my 10 year old said that's definitely more awesome than a pencil! I thought about a pixie stick as well but decided against it. I laminated the pass, thinking when students redeem their pass I can recycle. We'll see if that is wishful thinking works out. If you'd like to recreate, it's a freebie in my TPT store.  It's my first product, so please feel free to tell me if the quality is just plain horrible.

I can't wait to get these into my classroom!

Happy Monday!


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