Saturday, July 6, 2013

Optimum Organization (July 6th)

Good mornin'!  Today I'm linking up with Fun in Room 4B to share an organizing tip.

"Mrs. Bordano, where's the stapler? Mrs. Bordano, where's the tape dispenser? Mrs Bordano, I can't find the hole puncher? Mrs. Bordano, I need to visit the nurse." After questions like these my usual response is, "Did you look in it's place on the shelf?" whereby my students usually respond, "Where?" In their defense, the shelf is approximately 33 feet long and usually there are student projects, books, etc. located there as well.  So I start hoofin' around the room in search of the item in need, taking me away from the student conference I was having. Sound familiar?

When there's a problem, figure out a solution!  My solution is a funky fun white basket. At home, if there's a place for something, it also needs a container. When it has a container, amazing things happen! 
In an effort to keep things organized in the basket I've created and laminated "Where's the stapler" pictures to be placed inside the basket.  I know the students probably won't put them in the exact spot, but the power of suggestion can sometimes be magical!

I hope this will save valuable time and forever cease the question, "Where's the stapler?"


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