Monday, December 2, 2013

December Currently

It's December 2nd and a little over 3 months since my last post. What happened you ask?  Work, children, training for a half marathon (which I finished-but suffered miserably from-i.e. cramping, dehydration, heat hives etc.), and self doubt.

Sure the first three kept me from blogging, but they were mostly just the excuses I used when the real culprit for lack of blogging came from self doubt.  It was easy to blog in the summer when I was all "ideas" and no reality.  Tonight, I toss away the excuses and come back, remembering why I started this in the first place-to connect with other fabulous educators, to stay motivated and inspired, and to "toot my own horn" every once and a while because we all need to be our own biggest fans!

So here's my Currently!

Listening-There's this great TED Talk by Brenee Brown, author of Daring Greatly a friend told me about a week or so ago.  When I listened to this talk, I realized how much in common I have with this lady-not the totally hilarious, very witty parts, but the parts about how much I think of vulnerability as a weakness and therefore, refuse to be vulnerable thereby making my life less abundant, refusing to take the risks needed for growth.

It's the same reason I didn't cry at my parents' funerals (yes both died within six weeks of one another). 

Weak people cry.  Weak people let others know they feel like a failure when they can't get that gifted student motivated or get the help another student needs to be successful.  Weak people struggle as mothers when their daughters have other ideas about school and life than straight A's on report cards.  Brenee Brown reminded me that weak people take risks, and I've realized I'd rather be weak and a risk taker than "strong" and closed off.

Loving-I have enjoyed these two books so much.  They have been a positive, uplifting, personality-changing influence in my life over the last month.  These two books have opened my mind to new possibilities.

Thinking- I work with really smart folks.  Today, at our faculty meeting, thirteen different groups had to present a chapter from Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. Let me just tell you there was some clever, very techy, very high energy stuff going on there, and I was inspired! I could feel the earth move under my feet!

Wanting-My essential oils from DoTerra to arrive.  It's a new all natural healthcare regime.  I've already tried the company's "tension blend", and I love it.  I use this every morning when I start to get anxious about the day, and I am immediately calmed down.  I'm so excited to have found something like this.  

Needing-to decorate for Christmas! Gasp!  I've been married for fourteen years, and every year I've had that tree decorated the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year something happened...I decided to enjoy time with my girls, my husband, and friends instead of worrying about decorations.  Of course, my six year old wanted to decorate that tree tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow because tonight I'm blogging! :-)

Favorite Traditions- Some of my favorite traditions are baking cookies with my sisters and our children.   Every year, my sisters and I bake cookies together.  One of our all time favorite recipes is the chocolate crinkle cookie.  They are amazing!  We are totally corny while we bake cookies and of course, we play Christmas music.

We've been wearing jammies on Christmas morning to my sister's house for fourteen years now.  Of course, this means you have to have new jammies each year-a perk that comes with the tradition.

Lastly, one of my favorite traditions is the three present rule.  Each one of my children receive one book that I carefully select based off of their current interests, and two presents that they have asked for.  My husband and I will always carry this tradition because it makes our girls think about what they really want, and it keeps them remembering that Christmas isn't all about presents.

That's a rap..get it? December Currently, presents, a rap?  Being corny makes me happy and vulnerable, so there you have it.  May you all find December to be the month for taking risks!