Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday

It's time for Five for Friday!

This is my first!  In fact, it's been a week of firsts!

1. My first followers!  I love these people! I've been validated-it still counts if one of the six is your big sister, right? :0)

2. My first laminator! I'm in love with this handy little guy, so I named him. (Normal people do that all the time, don't they?)  Weasel it is because he's little and fast; but also because I feel rather sneaky using him knowing I can do this laminating work now while everyone else will be scrambling in August.  For the record--I'm sure I'll be scrambling to work on something else.

3. My first summer team planning day!  My wonderful, fabulous, hard-working teammates who I love met at my house on Wednesday, and we began and almost finished designing our grade wide behavior plan for next year.  We're going to use an adaptation of Ron Clark's Essential 55 and combine that with our district's character program in morning meeting. We think it's going to work pretty well!

Hi Essential 55! Meet 8 Keys of Excellence!  Here's hoping you two can be friends!

4. My little's first surgery! My youngest was sick this year, a lot, so today we evicted her tonsils and adenoids.  Gave them the boot!  I'm loving the idea of no more strep throat!

5. Finally, my first "TPT" product.  I'm really struggling here.  I can't decide what product should be my first.  I'm stuck between a bundle of Figure 19-inspired reading responses or some of the differentiated Texas History projects I've created or if I should work on something completely different created from some of the custom requests.  Did any of you struggle with your first creation?  What did you finally choose?

Happy Friday, Friends!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tried it Tuesday

I read about how to create labels from this link with Just a Girl and Her Blog using Microsoft Word and really wanted to give it a try.  It worked really well, but it took a long time to change the text box to different numbers because I couldn't save the text box and the label.  (I layered the text box, so I couldn't copy and paste the two together as one label.)

I planned on using these labels to number all of my students book bins, and well, I teach around 45 students; so, I'd be needing that many different numbers.  I'm hoping to find a quicker way.

The end product turned out pretty nifty.  I found these awesome bins at H.E.B (a local grocery store) for $4.  Can't beat that! They are sectioned.  This was a request from some of my girls last year.  The OCD darlings little cuties didn't like their supplies mixing.

Do you know a way for faster label making?  I'd love to hear.

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Currently

Drum roll is my first currently with Ms. Farley (I added ms. out of respect since I don't know but admire her).  So what if it's almost July and I'm just completing the June currently?  I was just too excited to finally be able to complete a "currently" that I couldn't possibly wait until July.  As Phil, the Duck Commander would say, "Happy, happy, happy"

Listening-During the school year, my husband and I run a tight ship.  Those girls are in their beds at 8:00, but we relish in the freedom summer provides.  The girls come into our room and we all five climb into our bed. Soon the giggling begins...

Loving-One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was so I could participate in the "Currently".  It is such an easy way to be reflective.  It reminds me of the amazing poetry my middle school students used to write using mentor texts.  Gotta try that this year with my 4th graders!

Thinking-Teachers have to be some of the smartest creatures on the planet.  I sat in front of the computer yesterday while reading blogs of teachers saying, "WOW...ooooh....neat!"  I did that--just like that-- for about two hours.  Way to go teachers!

Wanting-I read the blog, Eberopolis, for quite a while yesterday.  Alison is a pretty techie gal!  She's in Georgia and has a classroom where every student has an Ipad!  Say what?? Every student?  I'll admit.  I was jealous, very green. I think the thing I was envious of was when she talked about grades.  Umhum...she has the students complete work online and has grades immediately.  How efficient!

Needing-I have had two goals for a good year now but no time to implement.  This summer there is time.  I can't wait to get that going.  I think I have some pretty neat ideas that others may like.

All done!  Yippy Skippy...that was fun!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rappin' it Up-Yes I Spelled That Wrong on Purpose!

So, I have spent the last two days learning how to blog.  It's been challenging.  I'll admit I had to walk away at times, but oh my, I think I've finally figured this out.  I'm sure there is just a ton more to learn like how to shrink that grab button for starters, but I'm excited to be a blogger! I've celebrated with a rap.  I'm rappin' right now, "I'm a blogger! I'm a blogger!"

I'm starting simple as can be, so I can manage. I hope to use the blog to help keep me motivated and reflective because my students deserve a motivated teacher! You see, I am fortunate enough to teach with many AMAZING teachers, but there's one in particular who inspired me this year. Charlotte over at Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun began her blog last year, and I watched--in awe. I also had the pleasure of teaching her precious daughter.  Here's proof for just how amazing she is-handmade wreaths she made my teaching partner and I for teacher appreciation week.

Who knows? Maybe I'll turn out this cool-- maybe I'll even have a good idea or two to share along the way.

Thanks for the inspiration, Charlotte!