Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It

Happy Monday morning! Not counting today, I have four Mondays left before I'm officially back to school! Wow-that went really fast! 

Do things count as "made its" when you just found it, printed, and cutesied (I know--it's not a word) it up? (I know--I ended a sentence with a preposition-I hope you can't stand my grammar problems long enough to read my post.)  

I'm excited to share my "made its" this week because I've found and semi-created quite a few free resources.

First, from others:

Kristen from Fantastic First Grade Ideas has this free "1 Minute Until Dismissal" download in her TpT store. I laminated those and sassed up the top with a little fun ribbon in my class colors. You can't see the top very well, but I'll post a better pic when I get into my classroom. (Okay, okay, I didn't cutesie up the top but I will. The creativity zapped me while writing this post. I'm going to hole punch and add ribbon-ya know sort of like ribbon flip flops?)

Next, Being Inspired Blog has these terrific brain breaks that my ten year old approved as fun stuff! I laminated these and placed them on a ring to be hung on these nifty little 3M gadgets.

 If you saw Friday's pin, you saw I'm really into "Morning Meeting" this year.  I found another awesome resource from Mrs. Bainbridge's Class Website which is a free printable of over 34 morning greetings.  All but one was approved by ten year old. She said, "Mom, we're too old for that!"

This class journal idea came from a sweet teacher friend's pinterest pin.  She, Amy, pinned these sometime during the year and from the moment I saw them, I knew I had to make them a functional part of my room.  I changed up a couple of the subjects/topics a bit.  I wonder how many years of student writing I'll be able to keep-How cool is that?

Now onto two items I semi-made.  I just recently finished, The Reading Zone by Nancie Atwell. One of the things she does to inspire kids to want to read is something called "Kids Recommend". On her school website, there is a list of many books that have been improved by different age groups of kids.  I think my students would be more inclined to read a book another 4th grader has chosen.  So, I downloaded the list for grades 3rd-6th and added a cover sheet with a cool quote-one for boys, one for girls. I'll place these on my "Kids Recommend" bookshelf. If you click on the picture, I've shared a google doc with you.

Saved for last, my "When I'm done cards" also known as challenge cards.  These aren't free, but they're only a buck.  That's almost free, right?  I created sixteen challenge cards for my students to work on if they ever finish early.  I wanted to make my own because I wanted the students to work on tasks that might enrich their work a bit.  I included some social studies tasks, too.  I love the way the ring goes right through the leaf on the apple (I get plain nutty about ridiculous things like that.)

I hope you guys have a terrific Monday.  I can't wait to see what you've all created.  


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