Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rappin' it Up-Yes I Spelled That Wrong on Purpose!

So, I have spent the last two days learning how to blog.  It's been challenging.  I'll admit I had to walk away at times, but oh my, I think I've finally figured this out.  I'm sure there is just a ton more to learn like how to shrink that grab button for starters, but I'm excited to be a blogger! I've celebrated with a rap.  I'm rappin' right now, "I'm a blogger! I'm a blogger!"

I'm starting simple as can be, so I can manage. I hope to use the blog to help keep me motivated and reflective because my students deserve a motivated teacher! You see, I am fortunate enough to teach with many AMAZING teachers, but there's one in particular who inspired me this year. Charlotte over at Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun began her blog last year, and I watched--in awe. I also had the pleasure of teaching her precious daughter.  Here's proof for just how amazing she is-handmade wreaths she made my teaching partner and I for teacher appreciation week.

Who knows? Maybe I'll turn out this cool-- maybe I'll even have a good idea or two to share along the way.

Thanks for the inspiration, Charlotte!

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